The DevOps framework

With Polycrate you can translate complex systems into comprehensive tools as code

Create complex systems block by block

Polycrate is the tool McGyver really needed. Integrate all the tools, scripts and snippets you use to build your infrastructure and glue them together in a Polycrate workspace. 

Polycrate is a
framework to create

Democratize your data

With Polycrate you can build your own data platform with best-of-breed tooling like S3, Kafka, Postgres, Spark and Kubernetes.

Don't waste time

Build on the shoulders of giants: get started in 5 minutes with our turn-key workspaces. Don't waste engineering time with reinventing the wheel over and over again. Start with our reusable blocks and then build with startup speed and enterprise quality on your own platforms.

Bring your own users

Tired of creating new accounts for every system you use? Say no more. With Polycrate you can integrate enterprise authentication protocols like LDAP, OAuth2, OpenID or SAML out of the b(l)ox.

Start small, grow big

Build scalable microplatforms with battle-proven Open Source technologies. Don't invest in walled gardens - with Polycrate, your "right to repair" is built-in.

Strong foundation, flexible edges

Polycrate builds on cloud-native standards and doesn't require you to learn a new DSL, design pattern or technology. Build with the tools you know and love, like Ansible, Terraform, Python and many more.

Build your own application platform

Run your containers with industry standard tools: Docker, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. Profit from well integrated applications that are portable and easy to maintain.

The Polycrate


Join the Polycrate community to get help from like-minded builders and subject-matter experts. The community is open for everybody and free of charge.

Shipmate (Coming soon)

Scale your workspaces across your organization and enjoy industry-standard features like auditing and SSO with Polycrate's Backplane.

Registry (Coming soon)

Build on the shoulders of giants: get started in 5 minutes with our turn-key blocks and workspaces. Don't waste engineering time with reinventing the wheel over and over again.

Knowledge base

We're providing an extensive knowledge base to support you in building with Polycrate. Head over to to learn more.

Build your own

Polycrate has been built out of the need for a tool that not only integrates existing tooling and languages, but also frees the user from dealing with the necessary runtime requirements these tools may have. In more than a decade of building and operating systems, you realize that there never is the one and only approach to do things – and migrating between paradigms, technologies and systems is always hard, which is why “never touch a running system” will probably never go out of style.

Yet, the technological innovation of the past 5 years has definitely outpaced the market’s ability to re-arrange and update existing architectures, which is why there’s a huge gap between state-of-the art and in-production technology. And this gap is going to increase.

Polycrate tries to close this gap by providing a holistic way to design, build and operate IT systems. It allows you to combine existing systems with new ones and manage them in a deterministic workspace that you can then automate and build upon.

For freelancers

Build custom platforms for your customers with reusable blocks and workspaces. Whitelabel your work to match your own or your customer's branding. Build easy to use workflows your customers can run to modify or repair their platform.

For SMEs

Leverage Polycrate to quickly iterate through technical ideas an prototypes. Reuse the best blocks in new workspaces to speed up your innovation process. Building with Polycrate accelerates your product development and venture building efforts by orders of magnitude.

For enterprises

Leverage Open Source software for digital sovereignty and scalable operations. Polycrate's enterprise features include Audit Trails, BSI-conform node hardening, GDPR compliance for workspaces, SSO and Enterprise Support.

For startups

Develop your own framework for platform-building to design your software development lifecycle based on a common workflow and set of best-practices. Polycrate helps to build an agile process around your all development efforts that is easy to learn and modify even for non-technical users.